Zietgiest or not to zietgiest?


Fashion is a funny thing, it comes and goes then comes back again. It has been said by men greater than me that art can only be a product of the now, because to replicate an artistic style is to do just as described ‘replicate’; you can’t do anything original which is not a product of the here and now.

Art therefore can capture the zitegiest… although perhaps only for the artist

So if I get asked to launch or reposition a brand and it looks spot on the money…. its contemporary and captures the mood of the moment, what do I ask myslef..? ..has this brand got a short shelf life” … ‘will the customer get value”.

Well in short YES.. and I have to explain to the client that cool is just part  of the matrix, if it is in at all.  That’s why brand over-reaches the campaign and we refresh the brand.

I agree with Tolstoy – yeah the Russian Count, author, father of 11 and writer of War and Peace… he said that Leaders were not appointed as the result of their individual charecteristics, but in fact find themsleves in the right time and place – they were elevated to greatness by virtue of some cultural and socio-cognitive fit.

If the aforementioned leader was a brand or a thought leadership paper you have to think –  Is it the genius of the item or the willingness of the populous to propagate and spread your word that makes it leading.

We call extreme cases of social fit driving distribution “Viral” … and who does’t want to trend.

I think what I’m trying to say is ” Do I have to dress cool, grow a beard, have an iphone 5 and know the buzz words in ord to be memorable as far as my personal brand is concerned.”

I don’t think so…

The way I see it is that brands change, like people, they live in the moment they are viewed, they reinvent themselves and mature, once in the consciousness… And design has always got to be fresh.

It is worth thinking about why we do things, if we understand the language of thinking and how we perceive and process things ourselves then we better understand how others do it too.